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Two Day Class:
Get yourself ready by spending a day learning the skills at the ropes course
Day one at the Ropes Course:
First class meeting (prior to outdoors) is mandatory. This class is for you if you have never rappelled or if you have been canyoneering for years and want to refine your technical skills. This course will review freeing stuck gear, locking off mid rappel, releasing and lowering a rappeller stuck on rappel and much more. Class meets at the OC Ropes Course.
The instructor will review knots, belaying, and lowering, and go over the gear and techniques required to establish and equalize bombproof anchors.
Auto blocks, belaying, and possibly assisted rappelling will be practiced.
Methods to use in case you lose your rappelling device will be shown.
Overhanging rappel, ascending and lowering, use of friction hitches and/or mechanical ascenders may also be covered.
Staff will introduce techniques for easier rope handling, identifying and building anchors, safe rappelling, ascending.

Day two Outdoors (Southern California location):
Class includes:
• Anchors, Knots, Rigging
• Rappelling, Down Climbing, Rope Management
• Map Reading, Route Finding, Weather Analysis

2 Day Canyoneering Course - $600.00    (per student)
                                                 $1100.00 (two students)
                                                 $1500.00 (three students)    [Rate covers cost for your instructor(s), and gear rental.]

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