How to build a winning team
"It's not the best team that always wins, but the team that plays best together.
" How's that for an overworked cliché? Except for one minor thing…It's absolutely true!
 How many times have you had an incoming class of such unbelievably talented athletes that you immediately started dreaming of all the glory that awaited you during the championship part of the season?

Overcoming Sports fears and blocks
The power of teamwork


  •     Talking behind others' backs
  •     Blaming others - Refusing to accept responsibility
  •     Scape-goating or picking on certain teammates
  •     Jealousy
  •     Complaining about playing time
  •     Having a negative attitude
  •     Bad mouthing teammates or coach
  •     Being dishonest in your relationships with coach & teammates
  •     "I'm the greatest and you're pond scum" attitude
  •     Yelling at teammates when they make mistakes
  •     Not communicating directly/openly
  •     Being defensive
  •     Dogging it or giving a half-hearted effort
  •     Being a poor sport


  •     Being supportive
  •     Dealing with conflicts directly and openly
  •     Being understanding
  •     Demonstrating respect for coach/teammates
  •     Being encouraging to teammates when they mess up
  •     Accepting your assigned role on the team
  •     Having a positive attitude
  •     Listening
  •     Having an open mind
  •     Understanding that everyone on the team is important for success
  •     Not allowing team-busting behaviors to occur
  •     Taking responsibility for your actions
  •     Going full out/trying as hard as you can
  •     Being a good sport




  •   Showing favoritism
  •     Yelling
  •     Scapegoating
  •     Playing mind games
  •     Being dishonest
  •     Lack of, or indirect communication
  •     Linking athletes self-worth with their performance
  •     Being negative
  •     Acting apathetic and disinterested
  •     Never giving positive feedback
  •     Failing to challenge your athletes enough
  •     Failing to stop negative, inappropriate behaviors
  •     Being a lousy role model
  •     Shows a lack of respect

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Dr. Alan Goldberg

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"Are you a team busting or team building parent?"  

Orange County Ropes Course


  •     Positive attitude
  •     Provides constructive criticism in useful way
  •     Supportive
  •     Honest/trustworthy
  •     Open communication
  •     Respects all team members
  •     Sets appropriate limits on inappropriate behaviors
  •     Positive role model
  •     Cares about the athlete as a whole person
  •     Easy to talk with
  •     Treats everyone fairly
  •     Walks the talk