O.C. Ropes Course & ChallengeCourse

Youth, Teens & Youth at Risk

Youth at Risk
  Our goal is to decrease the at-risk behavior of youth and to enhance the effectiveness of the people who      live and work with them.
•    Decreased involvement in gangs, violence, and teen sexual activity.
•    Development of goal-directed behavior.
•    Increased GPA and school attendance.
•    Increased self worth and self-esteem.
•    Increased sense of family, peer and community support.
•    A shift in attitude and behavior, from being a victim to taking responsibility for actions.

The Ropes Course, also known as a challenge course, is a series of activities on structures made of telephone poles,cables and wood. Your group will navigate these structures, called elements, while our staff members facilitate. Through your group's efforts, issues that typically take weeks or even months to address can be brought to the forefront within hours due to participants feeling challenged and "out of their element". Beyond being merely fun, ropes courses provide a powerful and rewarding experience.

Youth & Teens Dynamics, Parties

(9 and Up) -The challenge course is a teaching tool designed to help students learn how to better utilize and incorporate caring, helpfulness, understanding, cooperation, communication, and responsibility in their lives. The obstacles in this course provide a physical, mental and emotional challenge. Focus: trust building, goal setting, group challenge, problem solving, self-esteem, and fun. To introduce the concept of teamwork and affirm the value of each individual. Through prop and non-prop activities, students are encouraged to cooperate with one another.

 Program Objectives

  •     To foster mutual support and teamwork within a group and the importance of each member's contributions within that group.
  •     To develop and increase trust with every member of the group.
  •     To facilitate and improve goal setting and problem solving by individuals and by the group.
  •     To encourage group members to identify the value of individual differences.
  •     To encourage safe, appropriate risk taking in a caring environment.
  •     To promote feelings of personal confidence, accomplishment, responsibility, leadership, and self-worth.
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