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The sun’s UV rays kill corona virus

We are a completely Outdoor facility with direct sunlight all day in which UV sun rays will eliminate pathogens very quickly.
As most of you are aware, the development of COVID-19 has garnered widespread attention. At OC Ropes Course, we want you to know that we are taking the situation seriously and that your safety, and that of your children and families, are our top priority. We are taking extra steps to make sure our facilities continue to serve as a clean and safe environment for our community members to learn and grow.
The Orange County Healthcare Agency (OCHCA) has informed us that the risk remains
Low for the Orange County Region.  We at the OC Ropes Course are taking aggressive
Steps to ensure the safety of all our clients by:

  • Disinfecting our harnesses
  • Disinfecting our helmets
  • Disinfecting our Cargo net along with other guide wires
  • Lysol on all our Yoga mats and always keeping our restrooms clean and sanitary  

In addition, our staff will have hand sanitizers and readily available hand washing stations for all participants.
While these measures already exist at our facility, we want to reinforce and support good practices, which are key to preventing the spread of any illness. 
OC Ropes Course will continue to follow guidance from CDPH (California Department of Public Health) for public and private gatherings and community events. At this time, there are NO recommendations from the CDPH for canceling school activities, including field trips in our area.

For questions about COVID-19 and related medical guidance visit:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC}
Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA)
OCHCA COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
California Department of Public Health (CDPH)Type your paragraph her