Rappelling Class for ALL
Clients will learn basic rappelling principles and have the opportunity to practice both single and double rope rappels from the top of our 60-foot tower. This class is a great way to develop the confidence needed to pursue additional technical skills both indoors and outdoors! The tower offers an obstacle course that will challenge you in all of your outdoor and indoor challenges.
Rappelling is a three-hour class and requires a minimum of 3 participants. The maximum class size is for 10 participants and can take up to four-hours. Please be prepared to be willing to stay for this duration of time.
There is no set requirement. However, our tower is only accessible by climbing to the top. Participants must be able to climb 60 feet easy later.
*Please note, this is an introductory class and designed to familiarize beginners with rappelling basics. It will teach you how to descend a rope using an
ATC, Figure Eight, Rescue Eight, Rappel Rack, Canyoneering descending devices, other rappelling devices and all the little tricks.
This class does not cover anchor building for outdoor rappelling or canyoneering.
Pricing: $25-50 per person

•   Individuals interested in a learning to rappel without a partner are encouraged to book personal coaching.

Rappel Master Training

          Urban Rappelling Course
         Course Summary
         Students will learn the following concepts and skills:

  • Rappelling Techniques and Urban Climbing
  • Rappel Master & Safety Officer Duties
  • Rappel Tower Operations and Safety Protocol
  • Rope System Rigging theory and techniques
  • Successful teaching techniques
  • Incident command and risk management
  • Rope and webbing knots
  • Raise/Lower personnel, canines and equipment
  • Low and High Angle Rope Operations
  • Introduction to Fast Rope
  • Single & Two rope rescue techniques
  • Self-rescue & Ascending techniques
  • Equipment care and maintenance
  • Practical individual/team exercises and test
  • And much more...

Training is offered at our site in Anaheim Hills, CA. Please contact us.
Minimum class size is 3 clints. All equipment for the course is provided.
All participants are welcome.
Please contact us for further information and course scheduling.

The concepts and skills learned during this course can be applied to any working environment.
The training is based upon California Police Officer Standards and Training Course.
The course contents can be modified to fit your team's requirements and can be conducted at your training site or ours.
All required rappelling equipment for the course is provided.
Rappel Master's Course is 4 Days / 40 hours of practical instruction directed towards law enforcement and military operations.

Orange County Ropes Course

This is a one of a kind repelling obstacle course

Since 1987

O.C. Ropes Course & ChallengeCourse

Who Would Rappel
Recreational, Fire and Rescue, Rock Climbing, Scout Groups, Canyoneering, Law Enforcement, Maintenance and Landscapers.