O.C. Ropes Course & ChallengeCourse

Pricing, Time Required, Age and Weight

  • A Fun Day Out At The Ropes Course

Minimum of $350.The $350 covers 19 people.

Includes the rock wall, 23 elements and the zip line.

There is a $5 parking fee per car. (Taxes are included in the price.)

15 climbers can go on the course at a time. Each person usually takes between 15 to 45 minutes. As the people who are on the course come down, the next person gets to start the course. 19 people usually take about 3 hours, including instruction time.

  • Team Building
Minimum of $450. The $450 covers 18 people.
Starts at $25 per person, and includes the fun day at the ropes course and four team building events. The program takes about 4 to 5 hours.

There is no age or weight limit (At the discretion of the course director, the very young may need to be escorted through the course), whoever is doing the course must have a 5 foot reach in order to clip their safety ropes into the course. Harnesses have a maximum waist size of 55 inches.

Customized a programs are also available.
A reservation and non-refundabe $50 deposit is required, call to schedule a time, or with any questions you may have.

Orange County Ropes Course

Since 1987